ARE YOU SICK OF THE DAY JOB, haven’t got a day job or just want to make money by working from home?   

There could be a lot of reasons. You might be out of work and unable to find a job, just out of college and looking for direction, or retired from mainstream work and on a low pension and would really like to top it up to something more substantial. You might just want to earn some extra money to get yourself out of the daily grind and create some more leisure time for yourself.   


Whatever your reasons, whether it’s a lot or a little you want, there is a place I can offer you which is free, will provide you with a great learning curve and is completely free of spams, scams and surprise upgrades.

Like many people striving to build an online business I have had my fair share of Get Rich Quick schemes which start by showcasing fast cars and luxury holidays to rope you into the dream. Then as soon as they get you signed up they hit you with consecutive upgrades somehow making you feel that you will be unsuccessful if you don’t pay to get to the next level, and usually at an enormous cost to yourself  and with no promise of success if you do, just the illusion of a dream lifestyle.

Don’t get sucked into that only $47 a month lark. You can be sure that as soon as you have signed up they will want you to commit to an even higher monthly fee to get you to the next level, and then the next level, and then the next level and promising you high tail commissions after that, until you end up spending thousands and with no actual guarantee that you yourself are actually going to make any money.

Be very careful and before you sign up to any new training courses or business schemes, search the company online, try to find independent reviews about them (not their own ‘independent’ reviews).

There is nothing that can’t be learned or information that can’t be obtained through your own research. Of course you may need a little guidance and tuition along the way but that can be found at a very minimal cost.



Most of these ‘Hurray Henry’ setups don’t even give any in depth training about how to start and build a website to get the whole thing going, which a great many people really need to rely on at the beginning.

Let’s just stop right there now.

My name is Janet and I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliates.

 I and thousands of others worldwide have been lucky enough to find The Wealthy Affiliates who are an online business building school, or I should say University, which costs nothing to join, will provide you with free website building and hosting facilities and will walk you through every baby step of the way towards building a website and a fully functioning online business of your own.

As I said, it’s free. There is a once only upgrade to premium level, only if and when you feel ready. And the price is very reasonable, especially if you take advantage of their annual Black Friday offer, but like I said, no pressure.

 There are thousands of members across the world who you will have access to and become friends with, of whom you can ask any question without feeling stupid no matter how basic it seems to be. You will usually get an answer from a number of people within minutes.

Whether you want to make a large income or just a top up for your present salary, or somewhere in between, the Wealthy Affiliates are definitely where you need to start.

The owners and founders Kyle and Carson are two great young guys who have been in the online marketing business since they where at school and they are always giving, and striving to improve their service to you. And they operate a zero tolerance on spams and scams which can frequently present themselves into the mix.

It really is learning, learning, all the way!


If you want to improve your lifestyle and your income and still have plenty of time for your own interests, just click on the Wealthy Affiliates banner below and it will take you to their start up site. Face it, you’ve got nothing to lose and you will have the chance to ask all the questions you like and get the opportunity to connect with lots of other people who are either new starters, making progress or long term successful business entrepreneurs.

You could become an Affiliate Marketer who promotes other companies products on their site earning a commission on every sale referred by you, have your own blog or be selling your own tuition or product. Once you have your website set up and out there, you could be earning money during your work time, your leisure time or your sleep time. TIME REALLY IS MONEY.

Whatever you are interested in, Wealthy Affiliates and its members are always there to help, encourage and support you.

Click on the Wealthy Affiliates banner below and your life could take a new direction within the next few minutes.

10 thoughts on “TIME AND MONEY FOR YOU…………………

  1. Chris

    These founders Kyle and Carson seem liek they are know exactly what they are doing…but how do they make their money if the membership is free?
    I take it there is a upscaled membership – how much would that cost and what does it offer that’s different from the free entry level?

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your input Chris.

      Yes there is a once only upscale which is pointed out on the website.

      The generous free element provides ample training and website setup facilities to get you started, without having to cost you any money and the upgrade to premium membership is an option if you feel you would like to take your training further, with access to more detail and more website themes.

      This is the one and only upgrade on offer and the company don’t hound you with options of more upgrades as you go along like some other companies do.

      Wealthy Affilliate are the best and most genuine people in this business

  2. Neil

    I think we are all in a postion where we want to make extra money for whatever reasons. Personally, I wanna throw in the towel when it comes to my job because I want to start up my own online business and choose an income that suits my needs as well as creating financial freedom. 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean when it comes to get rich quick schemes because there are many schemes that don’t have a care in the world for peoples success. The people behind the programs just want money!

    But Wealthy Affiliate seems like an awesome opportunity to build a successful affiliate marketing business. So I’ll definitely be clicking on the banner to see your WA recommendation.


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate that you have taken the time to read my articles and can only reiterate to you that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. I feel confident in recommending them to anyone knowing that they will be in safe hands.

      Good luck on your journey with online marketing.



  3. Cathy

    I am looking for a way to get out of the daily grind of 9-5, which is actually 6 days a week in my case. It’s crazy long hours and it’s affecting my personal lifestyle.

    I heard that online business can give you more time freedom, but how long does it take before one can become successful? My biggest fear is that I don’t have the time to spare, much less commit myself to building it.

    What advice would you have? Thanks.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your comment.

      Its true that online business can give you the time freedom that you would like to have. The time it takes varies according to the time and effort the person is able to put into it.

      I can’t say that you will have overnight success as that is not going to happen for anyone but given perseverance and patience, success will come. It may not be as quick as you would like but never giving up pays off in the end.

      If you are strapped for time, be prepared for the long haul but keep going, doing as much as you can when you can and at some point you will hit success.

      Wealthy Affiliates is very good for nurturing you along and letting you take your own time to do your stuff. They are there for you every step of the way and will help you to achieve your eventual dreams.

  4. Rob S.

    You can make money if you really put your mind to it.
    I set goals and sifted through all the scams until I found Wealthy Affiliate.
    It was a no brainer for me. How could I pass up a company that teaches you how to build a website, get traffic, and make me money? I couldn’t so I joined for free.
    I stay committed to my goals in Wealthy Affiliate and follow the training.
    You can’t lose if you never quit.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your encouragement Rob. I am presently in need of ramping up my efforts on my websites so your motivation gives me the push to get things moving in a more professional manner.

      Wishing you all the very best.


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