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   Need a new Laptop, PC or Gaming merchandise? Be assured of quality goods and service, from MESH.


Once you begin to build your website there are plenty of things that will come into the mix.

If you eventually decide to purchase a domain name of your own you will need to find the right place to purchase it from. There are loads of domain name suppliers as you will see online, it can be confusing where to buy, especially if it is  your firsts time.

I can certainly recommend namecheap.com where domain names can be bought for as little as $3.98 (£3) per year.

Namecheap.comClick on the banner here on the right and it will take you straight over to namecheap.com where you can get started on selecting the domain name of your choice.

Get as much literature as you can and read up as much as possible on your subject. You will pick up lots of hints and tips along the way and every little bit will help you to grow your knowledge from the many experts who are very well experienced in the practice and teaching of internet marketing.




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If you are struggling to survive on a minimum wage, or working on a zero or annualised hours contract, life can be very tedious living from pay cheque to pay cheque, constantly running out of money and wondering when and how things are going to improve.

Well, this here could be the solution you are looking for.

As long as you have access to a computer you could sign up today with Wealthy Affiliates for initial FREE training which will get you on the road to setting up your own website immediately.

That would all be free of charge and would be all fully functioning and allowing you to set up business as either a commission based affiliate selling and earning commission for other peoples products from your site, or if you have a talent or a product of your own to sell you could do just that.

Wealthy affiliates will teach you how to get traffic to your site starting right away, with as much back up tuition as you are going to need.

OK, the basic free membership will get you started and out there, and you can work with that as long as it suits you.

Once you get a bit of confidence about what you are doing, you may then feel able to venture forward to their one and only upgrade, to Premium membership. Premium costs $49 per month, (or £39.42 in British Pounds), or you could pay an annual rate of $359 per year which works out at only $29.91 per month, (£232.77 in British Pounds, which works out at only £19.39 per month).

Now stay with me here, there is no pressure to involve yourself in any costs, and you can get on with all the learning and get going with your initial website for free until such a time you feel you would benefit from and could afford to upgrade. So no pressure at all.

Premium membership will get you more access to some of the courses and unlimited access to the other members of the Wealthy Affiliate, and no doubt about it, it can be a great advantage if you run into trouble and need immediate advice and guidance from someone.

 You will also get access to thousands of website themes and unlimited personal domain name set ups, which means the domain name you choose (free) will be owned personally by you and you can take it with you wherever you want, or sell it on if necessary.

Website hosting is included in this too. All at no extra charge to your subscription. It’s a good deal, the education alone is worth thousands. 

So you see, there is nothing to lose here, you know what they say about not looking a gift horse in the mouth?

  The golden chalice is being offered to you right now. Take it while you can. At least you won’t be kicking yourself later on for not trying.