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By far the majority of websites are written in English.

It’s OK if you are creating a home grown website in your native country where you would of course, most likely be using the language of that country. However, if you want your website to reach out globally, the most universally understood language to use would be English. It is therefore very important that if you are going to use English on your website, and for it to look professional, you need to be proficient and grammatically correct.


If you are not a native English speaker, a great way to learn to speak and write English correctly, and present yourself in a professional way, is to enrol yourself on to a good quality English language course.

There are two main types of spoken English. American English and British English. Both can be understood perfectly by one another but there are small grammatical, word and pronunciation differences. flags-38754_640

A native English speaker, whether British or American can tell when reading a newspaper, book or website, if it is originating from either the UK or the USA, just by the grammatical variations and the vocabulary and spelling.

It doesn’t matter which version is used as both can be understood by English speakers, much like South American Spanish and Castilian Spanish as spoken in Spain. They are the same, but different. castanets-309579_640

A very good way to learn the phraseology used in common English is to watch English films (or movies). They can get your ears used to hearing regular phrases.

Also, reading English magazines and books can teach you how written English is used, especially when advertising products.

Nothing can be lost by joining a good English language school or online course to improve your proficiency and make your website look professional.

If you are ever unsure, it is also a good idea to get your posts proof read by a native English speaker who would be able to tweek it for you.

The same rules apply if you are a non native writing in any other language. 

BABBEL is a great online language school which is cost effective and very easy to follow according to your ability.

They can tailor a course especially to suit your needs and come highly recommended by TIME AND MONEY FOR YOU.

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