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Once you begin to build your website there are plenty of things that will come into the mix.

If you eventually decide to purchase a domain name of your own you will need to find the right place to purchase it from. There are loads of domain name suppliers as you will see online, it can be confusing where to buy, especially if it is  your firsts time.

I can certainly recommend where domain names can be bought for as little as $3.98 (£3) per year.

Namecheap.comClick on the banner here on the right and it will take you straight over to where you can get started on selecting the domain name of your choice.

Get as much literature as you can and read up as much as possible on your subject. You will pick up lots of hints and tips along the way and every little bit will help you to grow your knowledge from the many experts who are very well experienced in the practice and teaching of internet marketing.



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